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Saya Piazza Overview

The upcoming Saya Piazza Noida complex will redefine commercial and residential development for the future. It will be under the Jaypee Wish Town umbrella, where your dreams can become a reality. A beauty magnifying shop has been incorporated along with other entertainment venues to their best advantage. Saya Noida Sector 131 provides great visibility from the main road of the project. The project, which covers a total of 1063 acres, is quite diversified and innovative. Designed with all the key features of a master plan project, Saya 131 Noida has all the necessary facilities to give its residents a great living experience. Saya Piazza is an excellent place to live, featuring all the comforts of home, along with safety, happiness, lovely ambience, and more.

Saya Piazza Configuration

The Saya Piazza complex offers a variety of retail, food court, restaurant, kids' play area, and entertainment facilities over an area that measures from 165 square feet to 1400 square feet, which is not bad for this price range. There are 1,400 sq ft of space available in the project, which is not bad for a budget-minded price point. The Saya Piazza price list begins at 37.5 lakh, which is a reasonable cost for such a beautifully developed project. This project in Saya Piazza sector 131 Noida is spread over 7000 square meters and surrounded by some of Noida's greenest areas and biggest companies. Many people are drawn to Saya Piazza due to its prominent location from the main road. Saya sector 131 Noida has been structured very amazingly and has an impressive infrastructure. It has open space on both sides but has many villas on the contrary side.

Saya Piazza Amenities

● It has many Shopping- supermarket/Anchor/Daily convenience
● It has an entertainment zone for kids
● Golf view dining
● Air-conditioned food courts
● It also has many good resto-bar/ restaurants
● It has an activity area
● New age cafes

Saya Piazza specifications


● Doors are made with very good quality plywood
● Each door has beautiful square designed windows which are also attractive
● Every door is fitted with a good quality lock


● Each floors flooring is done from white shining tiles
● Every room have a different kind of beautiful flooring


● Every room is fitted with at least 3 to 4 charging point
● Every room has a separate table which is fitted with an inbuilt drawer.


● 15 minutes drive from South Delhi
● 30 minutes drive from central Delhi
● 15 minutes drive from Greater Noida
● Walking distance from primary catchment


  • Power Backup
  • 24x7 security
  • Coffee shop or café
  • Public Transportation
  • Water purifier
  • Visitor parking
  • Cafeteria
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Maintainance staff
  • Water Storage
  • Waste disposable
  • Intercom facility
  • Club house
  • Restaurants
  • lifts
  • Rain harvesting
  • Shopping center


Saya Piazza Places Nearby


Capital Athena


Delhi World Public School

The Millennium School

Lotus Valley International School

Ryan International School

Sarvottam International School

BGS Vijnatham School

Capital Athena

Footfall Attractions

Located in Heart of Noida Extension

Connects Industrial and Residential Hub

Operation IT/ITES within the Campus

D-Mart is on board

Surrounded by Residential Arenas

One of a Kind Concept

Capital Athena


Upcoming Metro Station

Sector 78 Metro (Operational)

Local Transport From Gaur Chowk

Excellent Connectivity from FNG

Running Road to Surajpur

Well Connected to Noida - Noida Extension - Greater Noida

Capital Athena


Yatharth Hospital (Operational)

Medanta Hospital Noida (Upcoming)

Max Hospital

Government Hospital Noida

Kailash Hospital

Fortis Hospital

Saya Piazza Location Advantage

Best location on Noida Expressway.

Pure commercial Land title.

Surrounded by residential societies and Institutional buildings .

It is nearby metro station route

It is easily accessible from a 120 meters wide road..

Saya Piazza Floor Plan

Saya Piazza Price List

TYPE Super Area Price
Retail Space 165 Sq.FT. ON REQUEST
Food Court 240 Sq.FT ON REQUEST
Restaurant 1400 Sq.FT. ON REQUEST
Kids Zone/ Entertainment 255 Sq.FT. ON REQUEST

Saya Piazza Master Plan

Why Saya Piazza





The project is in close proximity to several locations:





Saya Piazza Gallery

Saya Piazza Under Construction

Saya Piazza Faq


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