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Sector 1, Noida Extension

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Express Astra Noida Extension :

Express Astra Overview

The Express Astra project is a premium residential development that has been loaded with a wide range of amenities. It is located in Sector 1 of Noida Extension. This project is being handled by Express Builders Limited, which is a reputable company. Each of the Express Astra Noida homes has been meticulously planned with plenty of space and light. Whenever possible, all apartments are designed to maximize the amount of natural light and airflow throughout. Project design is underway, and it will commence very soon. This expansive residential complex features wide-open spaces surrounded by lush greenery. The space of any 2/3 Bedroom Luxury Apartment is carefully utilised. Stylish and elegant, classic interiors befitting the best of a luxury space.

About Group

Express Builders Limited has launched Express Astra, a residential development project. To ensure a free and joyful life, the developer has provided you with various amenities in the project. One of the country's oldest developers, Group Developers, has developed commercial and residential properties for over 40 years. Express Astra, Greater Noida West projects, reflect innovation, professionalism, and transparency, and each one stands out as an architectural landmark. A hallmark of The Group is the ability to provide its clients with end-to-end real estate business solutions quickly.

Express Astra configuration

The Express Astra Noida Extension is designed in a way that it is possible to breathe natural air, and the sunlight is available from sunrise to sunset. With Express Astra Greater Noida West, you can afford to live in a well-designed apartment at a low price. Expressed Astra Noida extension offers a wide range of space sizes in rooms from 11500 sq. ft to 5500 sq. ft. There are 928 units in the Express Astra Floor Plan, which is set on 6 acres. A total of 10 buildings are part of the project. Regarding the Express Astra Price List, 2BHK flats start at Rs 48.5 lakh, while 3BHK homes are available in the range of Rs 57 lakh - Rs 84.7 lakh.


● NH-24 FNG and Noida-Gurgaon Expressway are also nearby.
● From Kalindi Kunj also it's just 10 min drive away.
● You can drive 15 minutes from the Astra Noida extension on the DND flyway.


● Water fountain in a beautiful garden
● 24-hour security with intercom
● Children’s play area
● 30000 ft clubhouse
● Rainwater harvesting
● 75% Open area

Express Astra RERA number/id.

A RERA registered project with registration number UPRERAPRJ479698


  • Power Backup
  • 24x7 security
  • Coffee shop or café
  • Public Transportation
  • Water purifier
  • Visitor parking
  • Cafeteria
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Maintainance staff
  • Water Storage
  • Waste disposable
  • Intercom facility
  • Club house
  • Restaurants
  • lifts
  • Rain harvesting
  • Shopping center




Capital Athena


Delhi World Public School

The Millennium School

Lotus Valley International School

Ryan International School

Sarvottam International School

BGS Vijnatham School

Capital Athena


Capital Arcade

Gaur City Mall (Operational)

Galaxy Diamond Plaza

NX One Mall

Rise Commercial

Bhutani Grandthum

Capital Athena


Sector 78 Metro (Operational)

Noida Extension Metro

Local Transport From Gaur Chowk

Excellent Connectivity from FNG

Local Transport From Surajpur

Capital Athena


Yatharth Hospital (Operational)

Medanta Hospital Noida (Upcoming)

Max Hospital Noida

Kailash Hospital Noida

Fortis Hospital Noida


The project is in close proximity to several locations:

2 Minutes drive to FNG Expressway.

3 Minutes drive to near hospital yatharth.

5 Minutes drive to near Metro Station in 78.

5 Minutes drive to City Centre Mall Kisan Chowk.

10 Minutes drive to NH-24.

15 Minutes drive to Fortis Hospital.


TYPE Super Area Price
2 BHK+2T 1150 Sq.ft ON REQUEST
3 BHK+3T 1350 Sq.ft ON REQUEST
3 BHK+3T 1570 Sq.ft ON REQUEST
3 BHK+study 2005 Sq.ft ON REQUEST







The project is in close proximity to several locations:








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